Pattenden make the perfect machines to pick and handle Apples, Blackcurrants, Hops and other delicate produce.


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About Us

Based near the historic town of Ledbury in Herefordshire. A family owned and run business, we have been at the forefront of fruit harvesting machines and associated handling equipment for over 40 successful years.

We are proud to have many boutique farmers as well as blue chip organisations as clients (including Bulmers Cider, Pixley Berries and Thatchers Cider to name but a few) and we operate a hands on development programme that see's our senior design engineer travelling the country developing machines to suit individual needs.

We provide a machine with longevity over prolonged time.

We design and build to the highest standards and decades of passionate experience are evident in every machine that we build.

Have a delicate fruit crop anywhere in the world that you think we can help with?
NEED SECOND HAND MACHINERY?? Please give us a call discussion of your harvesting, product handling needs.
We know the industry inside out, we have years of experience in the fruit harvesting industry, both from hands on harvesting through to design and development innovations.
With a wide network of industry contacts, if you cant find the machine you need in the small ads, give Rob a call to see if he can help.

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We have machines to handle:

We manufacture:
  • A revolutionary shake & catch system.
  • A self propelled 80t a day machine with built in blower & 2t basket
  • A 80t a day tractor mounted machine with built in blower & high lift trailer option
  • A front sweep with side shift and 2 drive motors
  • A shaker that is easy on the operator, tractor and the trees.
  • The famous Grouse. '2017 spec’, increased capacity, a great machine, now even better.
  • Polly tunnel hydraulic Hoop Bending Machines

Custom manufacturing?

Don't forget our custom manufacturing options. Have an idea? Want to make it a reality? Give us a call.

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Robert Chapman - Managing Director

Clive Chapman - Director
Our Team

With over 150 years of combined experience, Pattenden is the best type of old fashioned boutique engineering facility you could find. 90% of products manufactured in house from raw materials means that we know every machine personally down to the last nut & bolt. The person you deal with is the person that gets their hands dirty building the equipment. That means we are always here, here to support you and our machines through even the toughest seasons. Combine that with superb on the shelf parts availability and the package is complete!