Blackcurrant picking machinery

Pattenden Blackbird
Blackcurrant harvester with side delivery conveyors

  • Output of 50 tons a day.
  • Five man harvesting team.
  • Big reductions in harvesting costs.
  • Reduces requirements for fork trucks.
  • Ideal pumped tanker system.
  • Left and right handed conveyors to suit any field.
  • Ideal for smaller acreages.
  • Lifts controlled by rear operator.
  • Quick folding inspection platforms at rear.
  • Reversing rear cross conveyor to move fruit easily to either side.

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Robert Chapman - Managing Director

Clive Chapman - Director
Our Team

With over 150 years of combined experience, Pattenden is the best type of old fashioned boutique engineering facility you could find. 90% of products manufactured in house from raw materials means that we know every machine personally down to the last nut & bolt. The person you deal with is the person that gets their hands dirty building the equipment. That means we are always here, here to support you and our machines through even the toughest seasons. Combine that with superb on the shelf parts availability and the package is complete!